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Certificate of Rehabilitation in CA

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People who have been convicted of serious crimes often struggle to maintain a social life and professional career after serving all sentencing requirements. In California, a certificate of rehabilitation can be sought to help restore a convicted individual’s good name and show the world that he or she has “learned from their mistakes.” Hanson, Gorian, Bradford & Hanich strongly believes in doing everything possible to help the people of our communities move on after a conviction and enjoy life again. If you need help filing for a certificate of rehabilitation, please do not hesitate to contact our Murrieta criminal defense lawyers with your questions.

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How a Certificate of Rehabilitation Works

You can request a certificate of rehabilitation (COR) in California after you have been convicted of certain felonies and some misdemeanor sex crimes. A COR is not actually an expungement that takes the conviction off the petitioner’s record, nor is it a formal pardon. It is merely an official statement from California’s criminal justice system that states the individual is no longer likely to recommit the same crime for which he or she was convicted in the past, and that this likelihood is backed by a history of good behavior, conscious efforts, and a complete absence from any criminal activity.

There are three categories convictions that could use a certificate of rehabilitation:

  • Serious felonies, often involving violence: The petitioner must have not participated in any crime for at least 9 years.
  • Most misdemeanor sex crimes that included convicted sex offender registration: The petitioner must have met sex offender registration requirements and been free of any criminal activity for at least 10 years. An approved COR in this circumstance does not automatically remove the petitioner from sex offender lists in California.
  • Most other crimes eligible for COR: The petitioner must have not been involved in any sort of criminal act for at least 7 years.

Additionally, California will only grant a COR to people who have lived in the state for five or more years continuously. This residency requirement can be extended at discretion based on the severity or numerousness of the convictions.

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Superior Court Hearings to Approve Your COR

Asking for a certificate of rehabilitation is akin to asking a significant favor from the criminal justice system and courts of California. In order to obtain one, you must first file a petition to the appropriate county clerk or probation department. If the application is filled out correctly and you meet the requirements, a Superior Court will contact you to put an official hearing on your schedule. If you were convicted of multiple felonies, the Supreme Court of California may also need to weigh in on whether or not a COR is possible.

During the hearing, you will need to present both factual evidence of your rehabilitation – namely, your clean criminal record since the conviction – and an argument as to why the COR is deserved. Most people petitioning for a COR choose to work with a California criminal defense attorney to prepare for this hearing, or act on their behalf during it. Otherwise, it can be a gamble to try to convince the judge of your behavioral improvement.

Seek a Certificate of Rehabilitation with Our Help

Our Murrieta criminal defense attorneys at Hanson, Gorian, Bradford & Hanich can assist you every step of the way when you are petitioning for a certificate of rehabilitation. We make it our goal to ensure that our clients understand every nuance of their case to maximize their chances of success. This is just one of many characteristics and qualities of our law firm that sets us apart from all the rest.

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