Case Results

  • Motion to Dismiss Granted
    Client worked in Chino prison. Client attacks prisoner while prisoner is shackled to bench. Defense files motion to dismiss and it is granted.
  • Prison Sentence Reduced to Community Service
    Assault & Battery
    Client charged with four counts of felony battery on a police officer, felony resisting arrest, vandalism and trespassing. One officer required surgery to his arm. District Attorney demanded four years in prison. After months of negotiations, client pled guilty to one count of battery and one count of resisting arrest and was given community service.
  • Not Guilty on All Charges
    Assault With a Deadly Weapon
    Client is a sworn peace officer charged with felony criminal threats, felony assault with a deadly weapon and felony domestic violence. At preliminary hearing, I was able to convince the court to dismiss the criminal threats charge which was the only "Three-Strikes" offense alleged. At trial, my trial team achieved not guilty on all charges.
  • Court Discharges 2 of 3 Charges
    Attempted Murder
    Client charged with 3 counts attempt murder with gang enhancements. No plea offers made by the prosecutor. After two day preliminary hearing, the court discharges (dismisses) two of the three attempt murder charges and dismisses all gang allegations. Case pending trial.
  • Charge Reduced to Infraction
    Domestic Violence
    Client is an unsworn police officer charged with misdemeanor domestic violence. After extensive negotiations, I convinced the deputy district attorney to reduce the charge to an infraction and my client was able to retain his career.
  • Case Dismissed
    Domestic Violence
    Client is a sworn peace officer charged with domestic violence. District attorney forced to dismiss after jury is sworn. Client is able to retain career.
  • No Probation
    Domestic Violence
    Client accused of domestic violence. District attorney reduces the charge to disturbing the peace. Client sentenced to no probation.
  • All Charges Discharged
    Drug Charge
    Client was charged with nine counts of drug sales and child endangerment. The District Attorney's office made no offer to settle but indicated a lengthy prison sentence was appropriate. I announced "Ready" for preliminary hearing. During cross-examination, I established that the officer omitted important information from his report that showed my client's innocence. ALL CHARGES DISCHARGED AT PRELIMINARY HEARING.
  • Sentence Reduced
    Drug Charge
    Client charged with numerous drug and firearm charges. District attorney offered prison sentence pleas bargain. As jury was impaneled, Defense made an oral 1538.5 motion to suppress evidence. Motion was granted as to all but count 1. Client pled guilty to the court as to cultivation of marijuana. Client sentenced to weekends and probation.
  • All Charges Dismissed
    Drug Charge
    President of notorious motorcycle club is charged with possession of prescription drugs without a prescription. I announce ready for trial and District attorney dismisses all charges.
  • Client Prop. 36 Eligible
    Drug Charge
    Client is charged with manufacturing methamphetamine (lab case) along with a number of low end drug possession charges. District attorney demands prison. After preliminary hearing, district attorney refuses to charge the lab and client is now prop 36 eligible (drug classes).
  • Motion to Dismiss Granted
    Drug Charge
    Client facing numerous drug charges, prior prison enhancements while having a strike prior. Defense files Romero Motion to dismiss strike prior. Court grants motion and sentences client to 6 years in prison. The motion saves the client four additional years in prison.
  • Client Allowed Drug Program
    Drug Charge
    Client was previously represented by incompetent public defender. P.D. signed client up to plea bargain with a three year suspended sentence. After months of negotiations, District attorney agrees that prior attorney was incompetent and agree to allow my client to enroll in drug program.
  • Client Found Not Guilty
    Drug Charge
    Client caught on video selling drugs to undercover agent. District attorney adds two gang enhancements and refuses to engage in settlement negotiations. Client testifies at trial and admits drug sales. NOT GUILTY on gang enhancements.
  • All Charges Dismissed
    Drug Crime
    Client was charged with possession for sales of marijuana and cultivation of marijuana. My client's house was raided and the police found one hundred marijuana plants, half of which were mature. I proffered a medical marijuana defense at preliminary hearing and all charges were dismissed.
  • All Charges Dismissed
    Client is a nurse and was charged with DUI with a B.A.C. of .12%. A DUI conviction on her record would potentially affect her nursing license and definitely affect her driver's license. DMV suspension was set aside after an Administrative Per Se hearing. After the third court hearing, District Attorney's office agreed to DISMISS ALL CHARGES.
  • Case Dismissed
    Client charged with felony diversion of construction funds. District attorney and Judge offer client 16 months in prison. I take case through preliminary hearing and judge dismisses case.
  • Ineffective Assistance of Counsel Motion
    Client facing life in prison as he was charged with kidnapping during the commission of a carjacking. Prior attorney failed to advise client that it was a life case. Prior attorney goes through with preliminary hearing and proves up prosecutor's case. I am hired and immediately file an ineffective assistance of counsel motion. District attorney recognizes the merits of the motion and offers the client 7 years in prison and client enters guilty plea.
  • Case Dismissed
    Rape Charges
    Client is charged with rape. District attorney offers prison disposition. I take case to preliminary hearing. District attorney refuses to refile charges in the information. Case dismissed.
  • Not Guilty at Jury Trial
    Client charged with felony burglary and felony attempted burglary in violation of Penal Code section 459. Client statutorily ineligible for probation. Jury trial NOT GUILTY.
  • Early Termination of Probation
    Client served a jail sentence in 1992 for a felony receiving stolen property charge. Client NEVER reported to his probation officer after his release and was charged with a violation of probation. Client was arrested in 2007. District Attorney wanted "straight" jail time. I was hired and after 10 minutes of negotiations, client paid a $200.00 fine and his probation was terminated early.
  • No Probation, No Fine
    Client was charged with giving false information to police officer, possession of a loaded firearm in a vehicle, and possession of stolen property. During trial, client admits giving a fake name to the officer. At the close of the prosecution’s case, I make a motion to dismiss the gun charge. The judge agrees with my analysis and dismisses that charge. Jury comes back with a Not-Guilty verdict on receiving stolen property. Client was sentenced to NO PROBATION, NO FINE, and CREDIT FOR TIME HE SERVED ON A DIFFERENT CASE.
  • Settlement Negotiation: Reduced Sentence
    Client charged with auto theft, evading, being under the influence and assault with a vehicle on a police officer. District Attorney refused to engage in settlement negotiations. The court offered 16 years in prison but would have lost his driver's license for life. Client testified at trial and admitted to stealing a vehicle, being under the influence and evading the police. NOT GUILTY on assault. Client retained his driver's license and was sentenced to 6 years 4 months.

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