Divorce Over 50

Divorce over 50, known as “gray divorce,” has become quite common in this country. Many couples decide to call it quits after decades of marriage for many reasons. Often, these are postponed divorces that were put off while children were still at home and needed to be raised. Knowing how hard divorce can be on the kids often keeps older couples together until the last child has left the nest. Other couples find that, when the next has emptied, they have little in common and that the relationship is not strong enough to endure the phenomenon of suddenly being constantly alone together. Retirement can also add stress to a marriage that leads to divorce. These couples generally find that being in each other’s space all day long just doesn’t work.

For whatever reason, if you are over 50 and contemplating a divorce, you may not be prepared for various legal issues that may apply to the process or for the practical decisions you will have to make concerning how to separate and move on. At Hanson, Gorian, Bradford & Hanich, we can provide the help you need with these matters. We have years of experience in guiding people of all ages through the rocky terrain of divorce in Riverside County.

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Issues & Considerations for Divorce After 50

When facing a divorce after the age of 50, you may have to confront how to resolve such issues as:

  • Your retirement. In California’s community state process, half of all marital property belongs to your spouse. This includes the value of your retirement account. Having to split your retirement assets might leave both parties with a shortfall when trying to finance a separate household. This might mean you will have to delay your retirement, put more money into your retirement, or find a way to live more frugally.
  • Social Security benefits. You will need to understand how divorce and the possibility of remarriage will affect your income from Social Security. These benefits include being entitled to those based on a former spouse’s earnings, survivorship benefits, and Medicare benefits.
  • Income. Living on your own is more expensive than sharing a home with your spouse. Without the same income you have enjoyed as a married person, you may have to reduce your lifestyle. Or find work to bridge the gap. If you haven’t worked in a long time (or ever), you may have to face the job market. There’s also the matter of alimony. Whether you are seeking it to help you financially survive after divorce or contesting it, you will need a strong case to convince a judge; this requires the knowledge and skills of an attorney who can advocate for you.
  • Division of marital property and how it will affect you. This is a big issue for most couples facing divorce. California’s community property rule means you will generally receive half of all marital property. Actually dividing those assets, which can include homes, vehicles, investments, retirement accounts, and more can be a very complex matter. The length of your marriage can have a bearing on this as well.
  • Health insurance and life insurance. You will need to take a look at the cost of health insurance after divorce for someone of your age group because you will likely no longer be covered under your spouse’s plan. Life insurance policies will also need to be addressed.
  • Long-term care. As you age, you will need a plan to cover the costs associated with assisted living facilities, nursing home care, or hiring a private caregiver to assist you should your health begin to fail.

The above are a few of the basic considerations you should review when considering a gray divorce. Practical living arrangements will also have to be handled as you transition into being single again. Having competent legal advice as you contemplate a divorce and go through the proceedings is vital if you wish to ensure that your results are favorable.

Let Hanson, Gorian, Bradford & Hanich Provide the Advocacy You Need

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