Can Prenups & Postnups Lead to Stronger Marriages?

In the last 50 years, there has been a significant shift in how Americans conceptualize the institution of marriage. Not only are people getting married later, but they’re also drafting and signing documents that prepare their individual estates for potential worst-case scenarios. However, despite popular misconceptions, signing a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement doesn’t indicate that a couple has reservations about the future of their relationship. It’s merely an acknowledgment that people and relationship dynamics naturally change with time. In fact, many couples find that completing the drafting process establishes a marital foundation based on trust, stability, and open communication.

Start Your Marriage on a Positive Note

Statistically, about 40% of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. Many of these relationships fall apart due to unresolved financial anxieties, ongoing communication issues, and subconscious relationship insecurities. An experienced prenuptial agreement attorney can foster honest communication and build a safe space for clients to rationally explore and discuss their individual concerns. By having these conversations today, you may be able to completely circumvent certain relationship difficulties and common marital pitfalls.

Granted, this can be an incredibly difficult topic to bring up at the dinner table. After all, asking your betrothed if they’re interested in developing a “prenup” isn’t exactly the height of romance. But drafting a prenuptial agreement gives couples a life-changing opportunity to openly address and resolve their individual anxieties and concerns before walking down the aisle.

A prenuptial agreement can:

  • Protect your individual assets and properties
  • Determine how marital debts should be allocated upon divorce
  • Predetermine spousal support arrangements
  • Provide for children from previous relationships
  • State what happens to the family home and any shared businesses

Some couples treat prenuptial agreements like insurance policies. You hope you never need to use it, but it’s great to have if the house ever burns down. If divorce is in your future, this important legal contract can protect your individual assets from equitable distribution and community property laws. Plus, prenuptial agreements simplify the divorce process by reducing opportunities for conflict, preventing estranged spouses from making decisions out of anger or resentment.

Can a Postnuptial Agreement Save a Marriage?

A postnuptial agreement provides the same opportunities and protections as a prenuptial agreement. The only difference is that you sign the contract after you’re already married. A postnuptial agreement is an effective way to address issues that may be threatening your current relationship. By working with an attorney, you may be able to achieve clarity and resolution on issues that are instigating relationship conflict.

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