What Are the Risks of Online Divorce?

Before making a big decision, it is completely normal to look at all of your options beforehand. When you consider how to handle your divorce, you may be contemplating using an online legal service. With the progression of technology, online services of all sorts have become more popular than ever. Online legal services can save money and time, and they have the convenience of in-home accessibility. However, as appealing as this alternative may sound, there are plenty of risks and downsides that come with obtaining your divorce online.

One Size Does Not Fit All

The websites that provide online divorces start with a template. This template will contain the must-have divorce documents for a standard divorce but typically includes little else. For couples with more complex situations, such as prenuptial agreements or those with a large number of assets, divorce through an online service may be impossible. The service may not provide the necessary paperwork or information to enable you to file for divorce in the way you wish, or it may charge you an extra fee for the document or information you require.

You and Your Spouse Must Reach an Agreement

When you and your spouse hire attorneys, you can each rely on your legal representatives to help you settle disputes and negotiate settlement terms. With an online service, you must reach an agreement on your own, with your spouse. If the two of you are unable to make any final decisions, you will not have an attorney by your side to offer you the guidance you require, or to help you by negotiating your spouse’s terms.

Lack of Personal Support

Online legal service sites cannot offer the personal advisement a lawyer can. They may offer chat sessions or online help, but there is usually an extra fee, and this service may only be limited to a set time. The only way to ensure you receive personalized legal guidance and planning is to work with an experienced divorce lawyer.

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