Using Mediation in Divorce to Overcome Frustrations & Obstacles

Fighting your spouse for your best interests during a divorce is probably not high on your list of things you want to do. However, many divorcees cannot help but find themselves in the midst of frustrating arguments and heated conflicts as their divorce case is taken to the courtroom again and again until it is resolved. Most people who find themselves in such an unfortunate situation are unaware of mediation and all the benefits it can bring.

Avoid Court, Avoid Conflict

In mediation, both divorcees will sit down with a specially trained and educated mediation attorney. The chosen mediator acts as a neutral third party who more or less supervises the divorce as it progresses, gives legal advice and insight, and helps remove roadblocks that otherwise would have stopped the mediation in its tracks. The mediator does not side with one spouse over the other, nor does the mediator make decisions on behalf of the spouses. Anything decided in mediation has to be decided between the divorcees, which adds to the concept of collaboration and cooperation instead of fighting.

While keeping the fights to a minimum in divorce is respectable and useful, the underlying key benefit to mediation is steering the divorce clear of family law court. The notion of needing to go to court many times to resolve a divorce can subconsciously add to tensions, increasing the chances of a nasty argument. Staying out of court also means the total court costs of a divorce will be minimized, saving everyone money.

Deciding If Mediation Can Work

Mediation sounds great on paper, and it is usually welcome in practice, too. Yet some divorcing couples cannot use mediation since they simply cannot get along or try to work through matters fairly. If you do not trust your spouse to try to be civil in your divorce, then mediation is probably not right for either of you.

When in doubt, call 951.687.6003 to connect with Hanson, Gorian, Bradford & Hanich and our Riverside County mediation attorneys. Led by a Board Certified Family Law Specialist and backed by 50+ years of combined legal experience, we are the top team you can trust with your case. You can set up a free case evaluation, during which we can help you decide if mediation should be pursued in your divorce.


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