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While some attorneys talk a big talk but fail to deliver results when it counts, Attorney Chuck Gorian's clients will tell you differently. He has dedicated himself to fighting for justice on behalf of accused individuals and has been doing so for the past 10 years.

One of the core differences in Mr. Gorian's practice is the way he intentionally builds a relationship with his clients. "I view myself as a counselor to help my clients make what I think is the correct decision…As a counselor, I try to steer my client's expectations from the first moment that I see them." Acting as a counselor puts Mr. Gorian in a position of trust with each individual he represents.

He also knows how important it is to inspire confidence in his clients. They need to know that he can be trusted, no matter what details surround their case. Mr. Gorian says, "My client has to have confidence in my abilities in negotiating with the district attorney or the judge. There are attorneys who get great deals and there are attorneys who don't. I'm the attorney who gets great deals."

Attorney Gorian does this by putting himself in a position to have access to the right people within the Riverside court systems. It's not just about knowing people, it's about knowing and developing close ties with the decision-makers. Mr. Gorian knows who to talk to and uses this advantage repeatedly in every case he handles.

Legal Excellence Developed in a Solid Foundation

As a graduate of the National Criminal Defense College in Macon, Georgia, Mr. Gorian has skills that you don't come across in just any criminal defense attorney. This skill set is something he falls back on often, especially when it comes to knowing how much a case is worth.

Mr. Gorian points out that this is a huge benefit to his clients. "Once you know the value of the case, you're not taking unreasonable positions. I know the value of cases because I have the experience, and I know if you're getting a good deal or not with what you're being offered." What accused individuals wouldn't want this valuable perspective?

When thinking about the way he prepares for difficult cases, Attorney Gorian takes a unique approach. For the jury to get on board, they need to listen. And for the jury to listen, they need to be interested. "You'll lose people after about your third statement if you just state facts, but if you make it compelling, then people will listen," says Mr. Gorian, "It's about attaching emotion to your story."

In a particularly challenging case involving attempted murder, Mr. Gorian took this approach and secured an immense victory for his client. Simply provoking the jury to think about his client in a different light, in light who the client really was, made all the difference.

Mr. Gorian knows that the challenges a client will face in life don't just stop after they have received a successful verdict. The future is also important and he provides valuable advice to the individuals he represents.

"You do have to make life-changing decisions if you don't want to get caught up in the penal system," he advises. "You're going to be looked at a lot more than, say, someone who has no criminal record, or who doesn't run with people who are known criminals."

This advice underscores the level of care that Mr. Gorian shows toward each of his clients. From freely providing his cell phone number to being available 24/7, he believes it is the little things that add up to lasting results.

Whether you're facing major criminal charges or a minor traffic ticket, Riverside County criminal defense attorney Chuck Gorian may be able to help you achieve a successful outcome. Contact our firm to find out more!


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