How to Handle Divorce during the Holidays

"Happy Holidays!" your friends proclaim. Outwardly, you're smiling, but what about on the inside? It's a different story. An impending divorce can cast a shadow on anything, but the emotional turmoil seems to be amplified during the holidays.

In the midst of parties and holiday cheer, the last thing you want to be is a downer. If you're heading into this season and are unsure how to keep your spirits up, keep reading. The tips below are sure to make the holidays merry and bright.

Six Tips to Stay Joyful this Holiday Season

Maintain traditions. 
If you have children, this one is especially pertinent. Kids thrive on routines and the holidays are no different. Pick out a tree as a family, decorate gingerbread houses, or go caroling. Whatever it is, sticking with the traditions you've done in years past helps to maintain a sense of normalcy and may even stir up some genuine holiday spirit.

Take care of yourself. 
Letting yourself go only makes things worse, so make an effort to treat yourself right. Get enough sleep and go easy on the alcohol. An extra glass of wine here and there may make it easier to cope, but it's not going to help in the long run. Consider splurging on a massage before the holidays get too crazy – anything to raise your spirits.

Surround yourself with people you love. 
The holidays force close proximity to family (whether you like it or not), but in the face of an impending divorce, it may actually be beneficial! Those who know you best can share some of the burden and lend a listening ear or an extra set of hands when it's needed. Isolating yourself tends to perpetuate the sadness and depression.

Fit in some volunteering. 
Taking your eyes off yourself is harder than it sounds, but it allows you to recognize how much you do have and helps minimize the gloom. The holidays are full of opportunities to volunteer, whether it's heading to a soup kitchen or wrapping presents for those less fortunate. By the time you're done, the warm and fuzzy feelings will have infiltrated your heart, too.

Plan ahead. 
Make a plan for the coming weeks so you know what to expect. If staying busy keeps the sadness at bay, schedule fun events for you and your family. Simply allowing the days to pass without a plan often leads to emotional breakdowns that you weren't expecting.

Take it one day at a time. 
Sure, your divorce might be right around the corner, but it's not here yet. Enjoy the holidays as much as you can and save the worrying for another day. As you immerse yourself in the spirit of the season, it becomes much easier keep the future from tarnishing the present.

At our firm, we know that the holidays can be tough. We're here to offer compassionate legal counsel for whatever you're facing and can make your upcoming divorce as smooth as possible. Don't hesitate to contact us to schedule your free case evaluation!


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