Custody Disagreements: How the Court Intervenes

If you and your spouse are not able to agree on custody arrangements regarding your children after your divorce has been filed, then things may get a little difficult for a while. This is because it is often complicated for parents that are disagreeing on custody to agree on much of anything else. Parents that don't want to share custody will often need to decide that on parent will have primary custody of the children. If both parents feel strongly that they should assume this responsibility, it can make things extraordinarily difficult.

In California, the courts will take things one step at a time. To start out, they will organize a temporary custody arrangement while the divorce is going on. The courts will hire professionals to discuss options with the children involved and investigate the situation. Typically, the children will go to the more stable or reliable parent. In many cases, the mother will win in this temporary custody case. If your children are established in a school and have a close friend group, then chances are that the children will be permitted to remain in a home that allows them to continue their regular lifestyle.

If one parent wants to move and take the children along, and the other does not want to do this, then the courts may choose the stationary parent. If both parents are moving, or if the children are not yet of school age, then the court will want to investigate which arrangement would be best for the good of the children. Before hearing any trials regarding child custody, both parents will need to meet with a trained counselor that is hired by the court.

This is a mandated activity by the California State Bar. The sessions will be held in private offices located near the court house. In some counties, a judge will receive a recommendation from the counselor regarding which parent should have primary custody of the children. You may also need to submit to a psychological evaluation as part of the case to determine who deserves custody of the children.

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