Paying Child Support

Paying Child Support

Making Fair Payments & Protecting Your Financial Security

Child support is an amount of money that one parent pays to another for the necessary costs of a child's living and medical expenses. Determining the amount of child support to be paid tends to be a highly contentious issue in most divorces. If you are faced with paying child support, you should speak to a Riverside child support attorney.

California Child Support Payment Law

Under California law, both parents have a legal responsibility to provide for their children. Depending on the type of custody awarded by the court (sole custody or joint custody), paying child support may be required of just one or both parents. The amount of child support is determined by set guidelines that take into account each parent's income and the amount of time the child spends with each parent. The specific child support payment you may be required to pay or may vary dramatically on a case-by-case basis. This is one of many reasons it is important to involve an attorney as soon as possible.

Child Support Lawyer Serving Riverside

By working with a legal professional, you can get valuable information about what amount of child support may be involved in your case, as well as how you can seek custody of your child or establish visitation rights. A family law attorney can then represent you through the legal process associated with your child support order, ensuring your interests are asserted and your rights protected Our firm represents clients throughout Riverside and the surrounding areas with child support-related issues, including child support enforcement and modifications as well as establishing child support orders. Our attorneys represent parents who may be obligated to pay child support as well as those interested in getting child support from the other parent, offering compassionate client service and personal guidance every step of the way.

Do you need to establish whether you may need to pay child support? Contact a Riverside child support attorney at our law firm today!