Emergency Custody

Emergency Child Custody Orders

Take Immediate Action with a Riverside Child Custody Attorney

Sometimes, parents seek custody because their child (or children) is in immediate danger. If you are afraid for your child's safety, speak to a child custody lawyer in Riverside to see if an emergency custody order may be appropriate.

Generally speaking, an emergency order is for parents or guardians who want temporary custody of their child while the court makes a permanent determination.

Reasons to Seek Emergency Child Custody

  • The child is currently living in a dangerous household or situation
  • The other parent abandoned or neglected the child
  • The child's current living arrangement does not comply with his / her best interest
  • The child needs to be protected from immediate or possible danger

How Do I File for Emergency Child Custody in California?

Filing for emergency custody can be complicated. A qualified family lawyer in Riverside can help you fill out and turn in the appropriate paperwork.

  • Fill out the following documents:
    • Form #FL-310: Application for Order and Supporting Declaration
    • Form #FL-330: Proof of Service
    • Form #FL-300: Order to Show Cause
    • Form #FL-305: Temporary Orders
  • Make 4 copies of each document:
    • 1 copy for yourself
    • 2 copies for the child's other parent
    • 1 extra copy
  • Give an unfiled copy of the forms to the other parent. You can also give these copies to the other parent's attorney.
  • Fill out the Declaration in Support of Ex Parte Application for Orders form and turn it into the court.

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