High Net-Worth Divorce

Riverside High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer

Asset Division for Wealthy Couples

California is a "community property" state, meaning that property is not divided equitably among spouses, but equally. All property acquired during the marriage is jointly owned, with inheritances and personal gifts being the exceptions, as well as any property subject to a postnuptial agreement.

Assets are divided evenly, and in the event that any specific item cannot be physically divided, the valuation of that property becomes of the utmost importance.

High net worth divorces are typically far more complex than the majority of divorce cases, necessitating specialized and experienced legal representation and a deep understanding of the workings of family law. Contact Hanson, Gorian, Bradford & Hanich today to discuss your high net worth divorce case today.

What Makes High Net Worth Divorce Cases Complicated?

High net worth divorces can be more complicated in part because accurately assessing the value of assets is often difficult. Our divorce lawyers in Riverside can assist clients with financial issues involving:

  • Offshore accounts
  • Pensions
  • Trusts
  • Debt
  • Stock shares
  • Real estate valuation
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Joint ownership or management of a business
  • Valuation of professional degrees earned after the marriage.

Our divorce attorneys can investigate and analyze your marital assets to help you determine an appropriate division of the property.

How Are Stocks and Bonds Divided During Divorce?

Two of the most common sources of contention in high net worth divorces are the division of stocks and bonds. Most married couples will choose to hire a financial advisor to manage their accounts so that they invest wisely. When a company that you have bought stock in prospers, so do you.

Conversely, you suffer financially when the company you have stock in suffers. One of the biggest factors to be taken into consideration when splitting large assets such as this is when the couple acquired the stock.

Say for example that one spouse was given stock options in a company when they went to work for that particular company. Upon divorce, that individual will likely retain that stock. If a couple invested in stock during marriage, it will likely be split equally upon divorce.

High Net Worth Divorce Laws in CA

High net worth divorces can be among some of the most stressful and strenuously fought legal battles. Since all marital assets are assigned a value, it is important to make sure that these assessments are being fairly made.

There are some stipulations to "community property," as sometimes it can be proven that certain expenses were handled within the marriage under marital asset exemptions. For example, if it can be proven that money received in an inheritance or as a gift was used to pay for projects that were done on the shared marital home, certain exemptions may apply in the proceeding divorce settlement.

Depending on your specific circumstances, our firm may be able help you resolve the complex issues of child support, spousal support, and property division without the court, either through mediation or collaboration. If both you and your spouse are willing to come to certain agreements without court interference, it may be beneficial for both parties in a high net worth divorce. In the event that litigation becomes the only option, our Riverside divorce attorneys will aggressively defend your rights and your property in court.

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