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How to File for Divorce in Riverside County

Spouses and parents will have questions of all kinds about divorce, as well as how life will be after the settlement. As a couple moves on in their separate lives and encounter significant changes and new experiences, the arrangements of a divorce settlement may need to be modified in order to address these changing circumstances.

Here are common concerns to consider in a divorce:

  • Who will get the house?
  • How will marital property be divided?
  • Is my personal property protected?
  • Will fair alimony/child support payments be made?
  • Who will get custody of the children?
  • Where will the children live?

For someone preparing to engage in a divorce, these prospects can seem incredibly overwhelming. That's where our team comes in. Our Board-Certified Family Law Specialist has practiced family law exclusively for more than 14 years. For our clients, this means they gain access to unparalleled divorce law knowledge and experience.

Understanding the Divorce Process

Unless a couple has arranged a nuptial agreement, divorces will often require a great deal of negotiations between the spouses. These negotiations are mostly concerned with making legal arrangements for division of property and spousal support payments. If children are involved, then the parents will also negotiate custody and visitation rights, child support payments, and other parenting responsibilities that the family may require.

Here are some of the essential steps in most divorces:

Filing for Divorce
The legal action of divorce is formally taken with a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. In California, there are two general grounds for filing a divorce: irreconcilable differences and incurable insanity. Both of these grounds for dissolution of marriage must meet specific requirements and be acknowledged by a court of law, according to California Family Code § 2310 – 2313.

Submitting Court Forms
Along with submitting the grounds for filing divorce to a court, each spouse will be required to provide additional information about the marriage. This includes financial responsibilities, assets, debts, property, and any children involved. Although most courts use similar forms for the procedure, special forms may be required depending on your unique circumstances and the court itself.

Divorce Petition Responses
When one spouse has been served with a divorce petition and summons, he or she has the option to respond to the petition. A court can dissolve a marriage or other domestic partnership if one spouse seeks to end it, even if the other spouse does not agree to the action. Despite this, petition responses are important for addressing unfair settlement terms and other issues.

Settlement Negotiations
Before a dissolution or separation may be officially completed, the partners must have come to some form of agreement on the termination of the marriage, child responsibilities, support payments, and division of assets and debts. In the absence of any nuptial agreement, divorce negotiations are often the lengthiest part of the divorce process, and they are often the most stressful as well.

Divorce Finalization
After the spouses come to an agreement on all the necessary terms of a divorce or other legal separation, the final terms of arrangement are submitted to a judge for review and official decree. Once this is complete, the dissolution is legal, and the divorce settlement goes into effect.

Post-Decree Divorce Modifications
As each ex-spouse's schedule changes in the years following a divorce, certain terms of a divorce arrangement may create difficulties for one or both individuals in their new circumstances. For these and other issues that may arise after a final decree has been arranged, one or both ex-partners may file a petition for modification and ask a court to make specific changes to the agreement.

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Different Types of Divorce & Dissolution

Marriages can be dissolved through divorce, legal separation, or annulment, and with either one or both spouses/domestic partners choosing to end the union. State courts encourage individuals to make extensive preparations before filing for dissolution, and for good reason—from filing court forms to negotiating arrangements, being unprepared for the process or performing a step incorrectly can easily prolong the divorce process and add unnecessary costs.

Our divorce lawyers in Riverside, CA can save you time and money by helping you prepare for every legal procedure. This starts with determining what kind of divorce can most effectively address your needs.

There Are Four Basic Types of Divorce:

  • Collaborative Divorce: Spouses conduct negotiations and other procedures with each other outside of court and with their attorneys present
  • Contested Divorce: Partners who are unable to reach an agreement on their own petition a court to decide on the arrangements in hearings
  • Uncontested Divorce: Divorcing couples who wish to raise no issues over the dissolution may conclude the process with minimal procedure
  • High Net-Worth Divorce: Spouses with significant assets like business ownerships and stocks may want to ensure their financial security after a divorce

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Effective planning and preparation before engaging in a divorce can eliminate most of the troubles that you may be expecting to encounter. Many people make the mistake of going into a divorce without first taking the time to develop a plan or consult a divorce attorney about their decision. If you are preparing to engage in a divorce or confronting a related family law issue, work with a divorce attorney in Riverside, CA that has successfully handled thousands of cases.

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