Riverside Assault Lawyer

Defending Against Charges of Assault

Unlike the criminal charge of battery, if you have been accused of committing assault in the state of California, you need not to have actually caused physical harm to a person. Legally speaking, assault is simply the attempt to cause injury. This boils down to committing an act that could be reasonably believed to result in physical, bodily harm. As the description is very broad, it is very easy for a false allegation of assault to occur.

If you have recently been charged with a violent crime, however, it is important to remember that a criminal charge is very different from a criminal conviction. By working with an aggressive Riverside criminal defense attorney, you can take the necessary steps towards building up the case from the bottom up. With meticulous efforts to gather evidence, compile testimony and otherwise craft a watertight defense, your lawyer and yourself can work together to defend your rights against the ramifications of a successful conviction.

Experienced Assault Defense Attorney in Riverside

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