Juvenile Crimes

Riverside Juvenile Crime Lawyer

Differences within the Juvenile Court System

Being tried as a minor has a far different process and objective than being tried as an adult. Whereas state and federal courts will impose a retributory sentence upon an adult, the juvenile court is more concerned with the rehabilitation of a minor who has just begun his or her life. If you or your child has been charged with juvenile crime, the first step is to call a Riverside criminal defense attorney to learn about your legal options.

There are some serious crimes that require extra effort to obtain a juvenile trial, such as violent crimes (like aggravated assault), sex crimes and drug offenses. The defendant will initially be charged as an adult by way of counsel petition while still being tried within the juvenile court system. It is far more important for a child or teenager to obtain the resources needed in becoming a healthy and well-functioning future adult.

Defense Lawyer for Juvenile Crimes in Riverside

Important factors for everyone involved in a juvenile crime case have to do with the personal situations of minor defendants. It is difficult to understand or remember the struggles we once faced as children, as well as the fact that children go through a whole new world of issues in our modern day and age. Kids may be faced with intense problems at home like domestic violence, peer pressure at school or in the neighborhood, constant bullying, or the pressure to keep up socially. Whether a connection between a problem and a juvenile crime is obvious or not, it is very common for pressure to lead to destructive behavior. We cannot hope to understand their situations exactly, but the empathy of a qualified criminal defense lawyer can make all the difference.

Here at Hanson, Gorian, Bradford & Hanich, we will work hard to either get any juvenile crime charges dismissed or reduced significantly. Our firm is passionate about the preservation of every child's future and his or her freedom to make unrestricted life decisions. We want to help you erase the world "delinquent" from you or your child's permanent record for good.

Have you or your underage child has been accused of a juvenile crime? Contact a Riverside juvenile crime lawyer for your free consultation.