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The Intricacies of Internet Crimes

In our ever-changing world of modern technology, state and federal laws must adapt to the freedoms and dangers of the Internet. As the Internet increases in usage all over the United States, there is an exponential increase in the investigation and prosecution of crimes committed over the Internet. Convicting an individual of an Internet crime is a tricky task, as linking a person to an action committed on the Internet comes with issues regarding ownership of a computer, proof that the defendant committed an illegal act, and placing the convicted at the scene and exact time of the Internet crime. The repercussions for Internet crimes can be severe, especially if an alleged individual was actually the victim of another's actions. If you need legal counsel in regards to an Internet crime, reach out to a Riverside criminal defense lawyer for immediate assistance.

Some of the most common Internet crimes include identity theft, hacking, fraud, white collar crimes, online solicitation of a minor, the release of malicious spyware and viruses, and transmitting or linking to child pornography. As you can imagine, many crimes over the Internet are considered sex crimes, which often promise far more serious consequences. The danger of becoming a victim to conviction is frighteningly high due to the malicious and invasive manner of Internet tools.

Imagine you are at your home or work computer, when a series of annoying popups storms your screen. As you fervently click the close tab on every window, you unwittingly click on a hidden script that downloads incriminating material into your machine. You may never come across this material yourself, but a highly qualified technology investigator is able to pinpoint the evidence. Receiving illegal material is treated nearly as harsh as distributing it in the first place, and if an investigator is working on behalf of the prosecution, it is only a matter of time before you are charged with intent.

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It seems that, the newer the crime is to the judicial system, the more ambiguous it is. Prosecutors and members of law enforcement will often use this to their advantages. Hanson, Gorian, Bradford & Hanich already have refined experience and knowledge dealing with Internet crimes, as well as other areas of criminal defense. Let our lawyers clear away the confusion of Internet crimes with hard evidence and a strong defense.

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