Federal Crimes

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What Constitutes a Federal Crime?

Federal crimes are criminal acts that are considered illegal according to U.S. federal legislation, or criminal acts that occur on federal property. Federal crimes may violate both state and federal laws, and they are investigated by the:

Depending on the weight of the federal crime committed, there can be severe consequences that may affect the lives of you and your loved ones. If you have been faced with a federal crime, do not hesitate to call a Riverside criminal defense attorney for your legal options.

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The most common federal crimes include sex crimes, violent crimes, drug offenses and white collar crimes, some of which may be connected in certain circumstances. Between the state law and the federal law, it is the U.S. Attorney office's duty to determine which federal crimes will be tried before a federal court of law.

Evidence such as witness testimonies and documentation will be shared for review before 23 federal grand jury members A large difference between a state court and a federal court is rigorous efficiency: there is no room for error, wasted time, lack of preparation, or any lawyers who are not thoroughly versed in the federal crime at hand. More than ever, it is vital that an individual facing criminal charges seek out the best legal representation available.

As the court escalates from state to federal, it is likely that any sentencing will be several degrees harsher. The monetary fines are steeper, probation is stricter, community service is longer and the chances of imprisonment are higher.

The time immediately after being charged and summoned to a federal court can be terrifying without support. We can provide you with the aggressive defense and litigation tactics at Hanson, Gorian, Bradford & Hanich to drastically help your case. We believe that every individual is innocent until proven guilty, and our firm is dedicated to tracking down all evidence that points to your freedom.

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