Finding of Factual Innocence

Finding of Factual Innocence

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Not every arrest conducted will be entirely justified or completed without error. In so many situations, people are arrested without committing any crime at all.

People can be arrested while entirely innocent due to:

  • Mistaken identity
  • Misinformation given to police
  • Law enforcement prejudice
  • General police errors or misjudgments

When a person is arrested without due cause, if this can be proven later, the resulting arrest record can be wiped clean or expunged through a motion for finding of factual innocence. Navigating the criminal justice system to reach this positive outcome often requires the direct guidance or representation from an experienced expungement attorney.

At Hanson, Gorian, Bradford & Hanich, you can find highly knowledgeable and reputable Murrieta criminal defense lawyers that earnestly want to see your case to a successful closure. For years, we have been the trusted name throughout Murrieta, Riverside, Temecula, and the surrounding regions when it comes to protecting and upholding the rights of the accused. Call 951.687.6003 now to request a free consultation to learn more about findings of factual innocence.

Make Your Arrest Record Pristine Again

You may be able to utilize a motion for findings of factual innocence if your arrest never actually leads to charges filed against you. Investigators working with the prosecution have the responsibility of determining if the proposed charges are backed by enough adequate evidence to warrant filing them. If not, the charges will be dropped before filing yet the arrest will still remain on your record.

It is presumed that the defendant is innocent by virtue of the charges never coming to fruition. Innocence is not absolutely proven, though, which will be necessary for the findings of factual innocence motion to be approved. You can work with our Murrieta criminal defense lawyers to show clearly during a hearing that your arrest was erroneous and should be wiped off your record. When an expungement is approved, it brings along many benefits, mainly the saving of your reputation and good name in public, social, and work environments.

Secure a Better Tomorrow Through Expungement

You deserve to be able to rest well knowing that you have not been wrongfully labeled as committing a crime you never did due to a mistaken arrest. Start considering how expungement based on the finding of factual innocence could work for you today by contacting our Riverside and Murrieta expungement attorneys at Hanson, Gorian, Bradford & Hanich. We would be happy to explain your options in greater detail during a no-cost case evaluation. All you need to do is call 951.687.6003 to begin.