Charged with a Marijuana Crime?

Understand Marijuana Drug Offenses in California

In California, the use of marijuana is a controversial and much talked about topic. Marijuana is an illegal narcotic commonly used in California. While its use for medicinal purposes has been under investigation and has been undergoing extensive testing for years, the law still strictly states that no person is allowed to be involved in the following activities involving marijuana:

Even a person with a prescription for medicinal marijuana still risks being charged with a federal offense, since the possession of marijuana is against federal law. If you have been charged with a marijuana-related offense, now is the time to call the Riverside drug possession lawyer from Hanson, Gorian, Bradford & Hanich. With our help, you may be able to prove that the law enforcement officer who placed you under arrest did so wrongfully.

Fighting Marijuana Possession Charges

Many factors may come into play when protecting you against a marijuana possession offense. The amount of the drug involved plays a significant role; small amounts may result in a minimal charge and sentence, while large amounts may be grounds for a possession for sale charge. Possession for sale is a much more serious charge, and results in a harsher sentence.

In many cases, fighting a marijuana possession charge is a matter of presenting evidence that challenges any potential for a possession of sale offense and bringing to light any improper police procedure that may have occurred during the arrest.

Other Marijuana-Related Offenses

Possession charges are not the only trouble a person may face with marijuana. Although California and other states may have legalized the personal use of marijuana for medical purposes, both state and federal law still prosecute the illegal cultivation and distribution of the drug. This means that, depending on your particular situation, it is possible to face a felony charge of cultivation, dispensation, or trafficking of marijuana. A conviction of any one of these charges can have serious consequences on the rest of your life. Your defense in these drug crime cases depends on effectively challenging weak evidence and minimizing the penalties of a potential sentence.

Let Our Team Help You Protect Your Rights

Our Riverside drug crime lawyers have handled many complex cases. With 50+ years of collective experience, our criminal defense team knows that every case is unique, and we build personalized defense strategies that cater to the individual circumstances that each of our clients are in. Marijuana drug crimes in California are especially technical when navigating both state and federal law, but our team's experience in civil, state, and federal courts mean this does not prove to be a challenge.

Let us help you build a defense to negotiate a reduced sentence and minimized penalties with your best interests in mind, or even have your case dismissed entirely.

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