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Merely being charged with committing domestic violence can destroy lives. Family members may be separated or taken away, jobs could be lost, and the respect of friends and community members will disappear. Personal situations that erupt into criminal allegations oftentimes have different perspectives, many details, and a great deal of misunderstanding. Some cases are cut and dried, but others require extensive legal investigation and evaluation to finally pinpoint the truth.

Have you been accused of domestic violence? If so, it is paramount that you get in contact with a Riverside criminal defense lawyer for sound advice and representation.

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Domestic violence is hardly just classified as physical conduct. Verbal abuse and negligence (usually of children or elderly individuals who are dependent on the care of others) are common in certain circumstances. Unfortunately, some individuals will use domestic violence charges to benefit themselves in other situations; a disgruntled parent who has lost a child by means of divorce may attempt to damage the custodial parent by accusing them with domestic violence in order to gain child custody for him or herself.

In addition, a child's innocence and malleability is highly susceptible to the intentions of adults, making the manipulation of a child's statement very simple. There are too many factors of a domestic violence case to make a preemptive conclusion. A great criminal defense attorney can procure the evidence needed while protecting your constitutional rights.

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Domestic violence convictions usually result in harsh legal consequences. Convicted offenders may be punished with large monetary fines, jail time, community service, probation, and restraining orders. Furthermore, multiple domestic violence convictions can lead to longer terms of imprisonment and larger fines. With the right legal advice and representation, you may be able to clear your name from domestic violence.

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