Multiple DUI

Riverside Multiple DUI Attorney

Are you facing a second or third DUI charge?

If you or a family member has been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, your first step should be to contact a legal professional as soon as possible. If this is not your first offense, it is even more important to secure a strong legal advocate. As the penalties increase with each conviction, getting your case dismissed is your best option.

Second DUI in Califoria

With each subsequent DUI conviction, the penalties will increase, especially if your second offense was within ten years of your previous offense. Instead of losing your driving privileges for six months, you could have your license suspended for two years. You may also be put in jail for up to one year. If the offense was committed within ten years, you could be put on probation for up to five years and pay fines of up to $1,000. You may also be required to attend alcohol education classes for eighteen months.

Third DUI in California

If you were convicted of a third DUI within ten years of the previous conviction, your license suspension time period will increase to three years. You will also be put on probation for one to five years and be fined $1,000. Not only that, you could be given a jail sentence from anywhere between four months and one year.

Fourth DUI in California

In California, being charged with a fourth DUI is an automatic felony offense. This serious violation could leave you with fines and a license suspension of four years. You may also be imprisoned in state prison for up to three years and be put on probation for five years. After this, the court may require you to attend substance abuse counseling.

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