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  • 28-Feb-2019

    Understanding California's Proposed Child Support Evader Law

    A child support order is a civil judgement that dictates when and how often a parent is required to pay child support. California has very strict laws when it comes to issuing and enforcing child support orders. In fact, the court won’t even ...
  • 13-Jul-2016

    What Does CA Consider a Significant Change in Circumstances After Divorce?

    Every divorce should be finalized in a way that doesn’t put anyone through undue hardships. The whole idea of equitable property division and parental rights is that everyone is treated well and fairly. But sometimes what works during and ...
  • 25-Jan-2016

    I Can't Afford Child Support! What Should I Do?

    Contrary to popular belief, not all parents who fail to pay child support do so out of spite or abandonment. In fact, many Americans experience this issue, as the United States Census Bureau’s (USCB) 2003 survey indicated that only 45.3% of ...
  • 12-Jan-2016

    Relocation After Divorce: What You Need to Know

    It is not uncommon for a person to desire to move away to a new location after a divorce in an effort to start fresh or pursue new employment. While this is certainly understandable, problems can arise if the person is a custodial or non-custodial ...