Domestic Violence

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  • 23-Dec-2019

    Marsy's Law: The Victim's Bill of Rights

    In 2008, California was the first state to pass constitutional amendment recognizing what is known as “The Victim’s Bill of Rights.” Also known as “Marsy’s Law,” California’s Victim’s Bill of Rights was ...
  • 14-Jan-2019

    Enforcing Your Out-Of-State Protection Order in California

    Domestic violence is a national epidemic that harms countless American citizens each year. Like all states, California issues protective and restraining orders to protect individuals and families from physical, sexual, and psychological violence or ...
  • 29-Feb-2016

    What Is Juvenile Dependency?

    When a child’s safety is called into question, Child Protective Services (CPS) will sometimes step in and remove a child from their parents’ care. This action will often spark a juvenile dependency case to determine if a child’s ...
  • 14-Dec-2012

    Teen Relationships and Domestic Violence

    Believe it or not, family homes aren’t the only places in which domestic violence occurs. Recent studies are showing that today there are more and more high school relationships that have violent boyfriends. It is important to note that ...