Blog Posts in November, 2019

  • 26-Nov-2019

    Why the Date of Separation Is Crucial to Your Divorce

    The Date of Separation and Community Property In the United States, the division of marital property upon divorce is governed by two different systems, depending on the state where the divorce was filed: equitable distribution and community property. ...
  • 25-Nov-2019

    The Legal Implications of Parental Kidnapping

    What Is Parental Kidnapping? Parental kidnapping refers to situations where one parent takes and retains custody of their child in contravention to the custodial rights of the other parent. For example, if a mother is awarded primary custody of a ...
  • 22-Nov-2019

    Is Hearsay Unreliable and Inadmissible?

    What Is Hearsay? In the context of courtroom evidence, hearsay refers to out-of-court statements offered as evidence to prove “the truth of the matter asserted.” Simply put, hearsay is any evidence—including testimony and physical ...
  • 22-Nov-2019

    What Assets and Liabilities Are Divisible Upon Divorce?

    Community Property in California When a couple gets divorced in California, a court will distribute their property according to principles of community property. Under California law, the parties to a divorce case will get an equal share of community ...