Blog Posts in May, 2019

  • 27-May-2019

    Important Provisions in Marital Settlement Agreements

    Many divorces end with the parties agreeing to terms in a private settlement, without the court’s ruling on certain important legal issues. The more amenable the parties are to compromise, the easier it is for them to reach a settlement, ...
  • 21-May-2019

    Considerations for Maternal Mental Health in Family Law Cases

    Although there have been major developments in the field of psychology and mental health, mental illness and wellbeing remain largely misunderstood. Many of the stigmas associated with psychology's past still pervade the general population's ...
  • 17-May-2019

    What Happens to Spousal Support Payments After My Former Spouse Dies?

    Spousal support payments are designed to ensure a party has enough money to cover their living expenses after divorce. An award for spousal support is usually necessary where one spouse was unemployed during the length of their marriage. In long term ...
  • 15-May-2019

    Insurance Considerations for Divorce

    Many divorce cases involve issues that affect the former child support and spousal support obligations of the parties. Because these obligations have the potential to extend for several years after the couple gets a divorce, certain insurance ...