Blog Posts in June, 2019

  • 27-Jun-2019

    The Importance of Valuing Your Business in a Divorce

    Most people understand that spouses must divide their assets upon getting a divorce, including real estate, cars, money, and investment accounts. The process of distributing those assets is relatively straight forward because most marriages commonly ...
  • 25-Jun-2019

    Why Is Your Date of Separation So Important?

    While most people view marriage and divorce as primarily personal and private matters, they are important legal statuses that state governments regulate. For instance, California has laws prohibiting bigamy, marriage between close blood relatives, ...
  • 21-Jun-2019

    Health Considerations for Fathers in Family Law Cases

    The importance of personal health cannot be overemphasized. Good personal health can extend your life and give you the energy to deal with stress and the fortitude to recover from illness. As a corollary, poor health can shorten your life expectancy ...
  • 19-Jun-2019

    Tracing Assets to Community or Separate Property

    Property division is an issue in divorce cases that the parties and courts end up spending much time litigating. For many people in California, property division isn’t a significant issue because the average married couple doesn’t acquire ...