Blog Posts in January, 2019

  • 30-Jan-2019

    What Is the First Step Act?

    Since 2017, the Trump Administration has been responsible for implementing many bold and controversial legislative changes. For all its benefits, the First Step Act is no exception. On December 21, 2018, President Trump enthusiastically signed a bill ...
  • 22-Jan-2019

    What Constitutes "Forgery" in California?

    “Forgery” pertains to the unauthorized signing, creating, or altering of a document or object. For example, a person can commit forgery by knowingly altering a will, using a fake driver’s license, or signing a false check. The ...
  • 14-Jan-2019

    Enforcing Your Out-Of-State Protection Order in California

    Domestic violence is a national epidemic that harms countless American citizens each year. Like all states, California issues protective and restraining orders to protect individuals and families from physical, sexual, and psychological violence or ...
  • 9-Jan-2019

    The TCJA & Your Divorce

    As of December 31, 2018, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) has changed which tax benefits and exemptions are available to divorced couples. For example, some of these provisions include noteworthy changes to alimony and dependent exemption deductions. ...