Blog Posts in October, 2016

  • 27-Oct-2016

    "My Ex Won't Let Me See My Kid": How to Enforce Visitation Rights

    Anything that comes through the court and is approved by a judge should be taken seriously and as law. This is true for all types of courtrooms, including family law court. If your ex-spouse is rejecting or ignoring the visitation agreement the court ...
  • 19-Oct-2016

    Do Grandparents Have a Say During Divorce?

    People often think of couples as being the only parties affected during divorce; they rarely stop to consider the effects that a separation can have on grandparents and children. As family dynamics shift and living situations change, the relationship ...
  • 13-Oct-2016

    What are My Rights as a Grandparent If My Child Divorces?

    It is no exaggeration to say that a divorce will affect every member of a family. What many people do not anticipate, however, is how it will impact the lives of grandparents and their relationship with their grandchildren. As the marriage comes to ...
  • 5-Oct-2016

    What to Do When There Is a Bench Warrant Out for Your Arrest

    When a defendant fails to appear in court or otherwise violates the rules of the court in a criminal case or other type of proceeding, such as failing to appear in court to contest a traffic ticket, the judge may issue a “bench warrant” ...