How to Get Custody

How to Get Custody in California

Compassionate Family Lawyer in Riverside

The raising of your child is important and rewarding, and the last thing a parent wants is for the privilege to be taken away. Being a parent of a child not only requires love, but an immense sense of responsibility. Understanding the priorities of child custody is vital when standing up for your rights to your child's care and wellbeing. If you need assistance in learning how to get custody, do not hesitate to contact a Riverside child custody lawyer for legal guidance.

Prior to a legal custody dispute, an important aspect to gaining future custody involves being the primary caretaker of your child. This means that basic needs for your child are handled solely by you, such as medical care, education, emotional needs, social needs, religious requirements, extra-curricular activities, and aiding in your child's everyday decisions. Despite your work or career situation, proof can be provided from historical accounts that you are in fact the parent that takes care of your child. Understanding your child's needs and state of wellbeing will leave virtually no other course of action in a court of law, which is why a vast majority of established caretaker parents win in their child custody battles.

Showing Good Faith & Responsibility in Court

Logic provides that you cannot take care of another human being if you cannot take care of yourself. If you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or are otherwise unfit to provide full care to your child, the odds will be against you. The court strives to place a child with an adult who is fit to be a parent, so it is important to improve and maintain a high degree of physical, psychological and emotional health.

Refusing cooperation with the other parent or creating conflict based off of any issue between you and the other parent can be interpreted as the alienation of your child. The health and happiness of our child comes before any past altercations you may have had with your ex-spouse, so maintaining a healthy communication with the other parent will benefit everyone's situations. Last but not least, do not attempt to relocate your child without permission, as it can severely jeopardize your chances of custody while risking the accusation of kidnapping.

What to Do in a Child Custody Situation

Emotions run high if you risk the loss of your child. A compassionate and experienced attorney can offer an aggressive representation in court while helping you maintain your parental standing, in and out of the courtroom. The family law attorneys at Hanson, Gorian, Bradford & Hanich are committed to you and your child's best interests at every step of the way.

If you require guidance on how to get custody, do not hesitate to contact a Riverside child custody attorney for immediate help.