Blog Posts in 2018

  • 22-Feb-2018

    New Tax Law Eliminates Alimony Deduction

    Determining a reasonable alimony amount can be quite a challenge for divorcing spouses and lawyers alike. But due to the new tax law, however, it will be even tougher due to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. One provision scraps a 75-year-old tax deduction ...
  • 26-Jan-2018

    Expungements in California: Clear Your Record for a Better Tomorrow

    No one wants to walk around with a criminal history behind them, sticking out like an unwelcome shadow. Yet, for most people who have been convicted of a crime, this is an everyday reality. If they knew about expungements, though, the story might be ...
  • 17-Jan-2018

    Thinking of Adopting Your Stepchildren? Here's What You Should Know First

    As time goes on, it is typically natural for a stepparent to want to adopt their stepchildren, or vice versa. The sentiment is truly touching, but it must be recognized as a huge step in their unique relationship. Not only will it bring major ...